The 30-Minute At-Home Olympian Workout

Personal trainer Yaz Boyum whips up this full-body circuit workout that is no walk in the park.

Former body builder Yaz Boyum calls her 30-minute workout "the one-minute total-body intensity giant circuit." Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

Updated August 8, 2016.

With the Olympics going on, we’ve found ourselves more motivated to exercise than ever. Admit it: Who among us hasn’t daydreamed about competing in the 100-meter sprint with thousands of fans cheering us on?

Though the chances of most of us ever making these dreams a reality is slim to none, we can at least train like an Olympian, thanks to a new workout created just for Washingtonian readers by personal trainer Yaz Boyum, a former body builder. Boyum calls her creation “the one-minute total-body intensity giant circuit.” The aerobic nature of the 30-minute routine keeps the heart rate elevated throughout the full circuit.

How to Perform the Workout
Perform the following exercises for one minute each with no rest between each exercise. Repeat circuit depending on fitness level.


2—Plyo or jump squats

3—Prone rows (get in plank position and alternate pulling dumbbells toward your chest without moving the rest of your body)

4—Vertical wood chops (mimic chopping wood up and down while holding a dumbbell in both hands. Keep feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent)

5—Lateral lunge hops (lunge from side to side, as if you are speed skating)

6—Bench or chair dips


8—Full situps

How to Cater the Workout to You
Though Boyum intended for her workout to be executed three or four times through, she recommends starting with once if you are a beginner, and working your way up as you increase strength. “You can also start with a static version of complex moves,” she says. For example, she recommends starting with stationary squats and then progressing to plyo squats once comfortable.

The Verdict
Though burpees are a personal challenge for us, it was the lateral lunge hops that really crushed us in this routine.

“The objective of this total-body, high-intensity workout is to boost the metabolism and burn more fat in an overall conditioning manner,” says Boyum. “All you need is a stop watch and a tough mental attitude. This format saves time and gives you more bang for your buck.”

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