Food Diaries: How Yoga Instructor Christine Saladino Eats for a Day

The accountant by day and yoga instructor by night is a newbie vegetarian.

It wasn’t hard for Christine Saladino to go vegetarian last September, thanks to her job as a yoga instructor. “One major factor that contributed me to ‘going’ vegetarian was the mindfulness I began to tap into during yoga teacher training,” she says.

Saladino, who is an accountant by day, even convinced her husband to take on the plant-based diet. Now the only thing she really misses is chomping on some bacon in the morning. Let’s see how the yoga instructor at Tranquil Space managed her meat-free diet on a Sunday filled with house parties and dinner out with friends.

Breakfast: “A morning tradition of coffee with a bit of Truvia and a splash of Silk is my favorite way to start the day. Greek yogurt and granola is another. It makes me feel a bit better that Greek yogurt typically has more protein than others.”

Lunch: “Edamame dip is my go-to dish to bring to house parties. I
do recommend eating prior to attending such an event—or do as I did,
and enjoy other lovely snacks anticipating a full dinner to come.”

Snack: “I couldn’t resist a few potato chips—but just a few,
otherwise I knew my stomach would be upset from the oil. Also, what
makes me happiest is a bit of sweetness and deliciousness in seasonal
fruit—and who can resist a little bit of summer wine poolside?”

Dinner: “Dinner with friends. We chose La Loma in Capitol Hill, a restaurant we can easily walk to and meet friends for dinner and also a perfect place to split a meal. Tip: My husband and I try to split meals when we know the restaurant has big serving sizes. I recommend their black bean enchiladas while sipping a margarita with friends.”

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