Food Diaries: How Personal Trainer Errick McAdams Eats for a Day

Does this personal trainer practice what he preaches?

Personal trainer and Lululemon ambassador Errick McAdams is known for his high-intensity workouts and motivational methods. And like any good trainer, he knows that eating clean is just as crucial to staying fit and healthy as exercising regularly. Read on to see how McAdams stays fueled while training clients all day.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, black coffee, and grapefruit. “I eat oatmeal almost every morning, usually with something on top (cinnamon, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries), and a grapefruit. The oatmeal is a good source of energy if eaten in the correct portion size, and I eat grapefruit because diabetes runs in my family and I feel like I am especially vulnerable to sugar. Studies have shown grapefruit and blueberries can help lower blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity.”

Snacks/Lunch: Apples and a handful of cashews. “I love, love,
love Gala apples. I eat as many as five per day. I love cashews, but
they are high in calories, so I’m careful not to get carried away with

Cottage cheese and handful of cherry tomatoes. “This is my go-to protein of choice. I do not believe in taking supplements, like protein shakes. I eat cottage cheese or Greek yogurt most days of the week. The health benefits of tomatoes cannot be overstated. Studies have shown that they reduce risk of heart disease and cancer. Plus they’re delicious!”

Raw green veggies. “I try to eat one container per day. Raw vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.”

Water. “I am the most hydrated person you will ever meet. Correct water consumption is the most important thing in any diet. Without it, you will have low energy, brain fog, and that ‘blah’ feeling. And even slight dehydration can lead to cravings.”

Bananas. “I don’t eat these very often, but today I found myself in 7-Eleven and it was the only thing in there that passed for food.”

Dinner: Salmon, brown rice, and black bean lettuce wraps. “I take no credit for this. My wife is the greatest healthy cook ever!”

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