The Ultimate Burpee Workout

Laurent Amzallag’s “Laurent Burpee” workout leaves no muscle behind.

If there’s one single word that can immediately instill fear in us, it’s “burpee.” The jump/squat/pushup combo is easily one of our most despised exercises. It’s also one of the most effective total-body and calorie-burning moves you can perform. Still, when personal trainer and founder of YaLa Fitness Laurent Amzallag told us his favorite workout was called the “Laurent Burpee,” we were understandably uncertain.

“This is my favorite workout for when I’m crunched for time and want to target my entire body,” he says.

Watch our video of proper burpee form before attempting the “Laurent Burpee” workout.

How to Perform the Workout
Amzallag’s workout requires minimal equipment; all you will need are two towels, ample space, and a smooth surface. Lay both towels out behind you, put on your favorite music, and stretch out.

Step 1: Using one leg, jump up in the air and land on the floor in a pushup position, with the jumping leg’s foot on the towel and the other leg in the air.

Step 2: With your jump leg still on the towel, perform five pushups, then bring the lifted leg to your shoulder five times. This will work your glutes.

Step 3: Get in plank position, keeping your leg in the air, and slowly slide your body back on the towel as far as you can. If your back starts hurting, you’re going too far. (Remember to always listen to your body, Amzallag says. You should feel this move in your core.)

Step 4: Repeat steps 1 through 3, adding five reps to everything (ten pushups, ten knee bends, ten core slides). Continue to add five reps to each set until you reach 25, for a total of five sets of the “Laurent Burpee.”

Step 5: Repeat the entire routine on the other leg.

How to Cater the Workout to You
If you can’t finish all five sets, do as many as you can without losing form. Repeat the workout three times a week, attempting to add another set each time you perform the workout.

The Verdict
“This will not only build lean muscle, but will also torch serious calories and make your body more athletic-looking,” says Amzallag.

The “Laurent Burpee” targets every major muscle group, from upper body to core to legs—even your butt.

“Guys, you want a nice butt, too,” says Amzallag. “And if you are able to do this entire routine without feeling like you’ve been hit by a bulldozer the next morning, you aren’t doing it hard enough.”

We felt said bulldozer the next morning. And the next.

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