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Memo to RNC/DNC Conventioneers: Watch Out for Acid Eggs

As if a possible hurricane isn’t enough, the FBI now warns of possible violent action by protestors in Tampa and Charlotte.

Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

We’d like to say this is an August afternoon prank, or the
monologue for late-night
TV, but it appears to be for real. According to Fox

the FBI has issued a bulletin warning of possible “acid-filled
eggs” at the Republican
and Democratic conventions.

The warning, issued by the FBI with the Department of Homeland Security, has an attention-getting
title: “Potential for Violent or Criminal Action By Anarchist Extremists During the
2012 National Political Conventions.”

In addition to the possibility of the tainted eggs, the bulletin warned that protesters
might also try to block roads, mess with transit systems, and use Molotov cocktails
to disrupt the conventions. We called the FBI for comment but have not heard back.

The GOP convention begins Monday in Tampa, and yes, there is also the chance it could
get hit by Tropical Storm (and maybe by then, Hurricane) Isaac, which is now moving
northwest through the Caribbean.