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Forbes Names H Street 6th “Hippest Hipster” Neighborhood in America

Crack open a PBR and toast the honor.

H Street is super hipster, according to Forbes. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user Derrick Davis.

First Forbes named DC the second coolest

in America. Today, it released its first-ever list of America’s
Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods,

and the District’s own H Street Corridor—home of Sticky Rice,
Rock & Roll Hotel, and
Red Palace—came in at number six.

To determine the rankings, Forbes collaborated with,
a San Francisco based social networking site for neighbors. Neighborhoods were evaluated
based on earthy-crunchy factors such as walkability, the number of indie coffee shops
and farmers markets, and the number of residents working in “artistic” fields.

Topping the list is Los Angeles’s Silver Lake neighborhood, noted for its eclectic
mix of residents, thriving arts scene, and celebrated foodie hubs. Second is San Francisco’s
historically cool Mission District, while the East Coast birthplace of hipsterism,
Williamsburg, rounds out the top three.

So what will change now that H Street has officially been labeled a “hipster” destination?
We’re guessing not much—the true hipsters lived there before it was cool, anyway.