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Office-Appropriate Ways to Wear Nationals Gear

Show your team pride from 9 to 5 and beyond.

Will you do as Ryan Zimmerman did and rock a Natitude shirt? Photograph courtesy of Flickr user Keith Allison.

Within minutes of the Washington Nationals snagging a berth in the postseason playoffs,
we began to notice postseason fashion, as in gear that touts “Natitude,” “playoffs,”
and “postseason.”
Ryan Zimmerman, mid-interview, pulled on a red “Natitude” shirt while someone off-camera handed
him a gray “playoffs” cap. Other Nats players did the same, pulling the T-shirts right
over their uniforms.

They can do that. They’re players. Still, the same
gear is available to everyone at
the stadium and on the Nats website.

But our question is: How does a regular fan wear team spirit as Washington heads into
the postseason? Do you pull a Superman and hide a T-shirt under your business clothes?
Or go the billboard route and, throwing office decorum out the window, go Nats from
head to toe? We polled the nearest experts we know, the staff of
The Washingtonian. Here are some suggestions.

Kate Bennett, fashion editor: “For an office that isn’t TOO formal, I think a well-worn Nats T-shirt
under a great black blazer with skinny black pants or dark-washed denim and a heel
would actually be quite chic. But do make sure the Nats T-shirt is worn and feels
‘vintage.’ And keep the blazer on.”

Sarah Zlotnick, associate fashion editor: “I’d
treat mine like a basic white tee and go all Fashion’s Night Out on it.
a red Nationals shirt with a blue-and-white-striped skirt like

Add gray suede pumps and a fun statement necklace, and top
things off with a blazer
and a bold red lip. Voilà! The over-the-top fashion-editor way
to show some Nats pride.” 

Travis Andrews, editorial intern: “Nats socks. Men can always accessorize with their socks.”

Vanessa Schutz, account executive: “For men, a
tie clip, cufflinks, or a lapel pin. For women, a charm necklace,

red or blue pumps, or any outfit/accessory with the color

Anonymous male, staff writer: “I’ll wear a picture of Bryce Harper on my underwear.”

Jeanne Sager, advertising coordinator: “I’m removing my Red Sox necklace.”

Mary Yarrison, assistant editor: “Skinny jeans, a Nats tee, and a blazer sound like the perfect casual Friday getup
to me, though I think everyone knows I love a good red, white, and blue bandana, too.”

Melissa Romero, staff writer: “Wearing colorful socks under work pants isn’t entirely unheard of these days—in fact,
it’s encouraged. So there’s definitely no harm in showing your Nationals pride by
rocking a pair of argyle tube socks donning the team’s logo.”

Denise Wills, senior editor: “If you wear a T-shirt just make sure that it fits and is not too large. Especially

Alison Kitchens, web producer: “On your nails!”

Katharine Ragsdale, events manager: “A Nats jacket, sweatshirt, or hat, so you can show off your pride during your commute
but don’t have to wear it all day. Or turn your jersey into a blouse and tuck it into
your pencil skirt.”

If the Nationals make it past the Wild Card stage and, say, win the National League
pennant, there will be a new round of Nats fashion. So keep good thoughts and a few
bucks in reserve.