To the Poll: The Great Fried Chicken and Doughnut Debate

Dan O’Brien is angry at the Neighborhood Restaurant Group.

NOTE: Language in the below poll was slightly modified to make it clear that we were not stating that any business plan had, in fact, been stolen. The intention was only to learn how people felt about this issue, not to take sides. Apologies for any misunderstanding.

When the Neighborhood Restaurant Group announced that it would be filling the former Dupont Circle home of Yola with a fried chicken and doughnut restaurant, most of us rejoiced. But not all. One man, it seems, was less than thrilled with the development. And that man is Dan O’Brien, owner of Seasonal Pantry and cheftestant on the forthcoming season of Top Chef. “I’m so upset,” O’Brien told Eater DC. “It hurts that there’s a bazillion things people can do. They’re capitalizing on something that’s going to be great for them.”

See, O’Brien has already been pairing chicken and doughnuts. Back in August, he teamed up with pastry chef Naomi Gallego to offer the combo. And, he told Eater, he was toying with the idea of a restaurant themed around said food duo. But what we want to know is: What do you think? To the poll!