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The Cutest Debate Ever, Via the Washington Animal Rescue League

A charitable competition pits Barrrk Obama the dog against Mitt’ns Romney the cat.

Barrrk Obama the dog and Mitt’ns Romney the cat. Photographs courtesy of the Washington Animal Rescue League.

The 2012 presidential debates started last night, kicking off a three-week period
in which the candidates to go head to head. Talk of fiscal and foreign policies, health
care, and tax reform fills the air as voters decide—if they haven’t already—who they
think is the best man for the job.

Even the Washington Animal Rescue League has gotten
into the election spirit, setting
up a (much more warm and fuzzy)

between Barrrk Obama the dog and Mitt’ns Romney the cat. For a
$1 donation, voters
can cast a ballot for the “tri-color hound from South Carolina”
or the “youngster
[kitten] from the streets of DC.” Each candidate has admirable
goals for pet society
(more dog-friendly eateries! Biodegradable kitty litter for

Impassioned animal lovers can vote as often as they like throughout October. Donations
are tax-deductible, and all proceeds go to the league for rescue, rehabilitation,
and adoption efforts. Both Barrrk and Mitt’ns are up for adoption (as are other animals
on the league’s site).

Who will be crowned the “winner”? Unfortunately, there aren’t any third-party candidates
(sorry, rabbit lovers), but we’re sure both Barrrk and Mitt’ns want to represent the
best interests of all Washington animals.