Pumpkin Kegs, Guy Fieri’s Loud Car, God and Pickles: Eating & Reading

Our tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.
A teenager went on trial this week for stealing Guy Fieri's very on-brand yellow Lamborghini. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

Consuming News

The Brooklyn Nets’ new home is taking a page out of the Nats’ book and going local when it comes to concession stands. So you might have 99 problems, but scouting a handmade Tumbador’s PB&J chocolate bar won’t be one. [NYT]—Sophie Gilbert

“Yummo” goes for you, too, ladies. [Esquire]—Jessica Voelker

NPR celebrates 50 years of James Bond by asking if martinis really are better shaken, not stirred. [NPR]—SG

Famous Food Folk

In “least surprising facts ever,” OF COURSE Guy Fieri owns a yellow Lamborghini. [Grub Street]—Tanya Pai

The Web-based food media world is getting a little crowded. Then again, there’s always room for another article about the lovely Christina Tosi. [Grub Street]—JV

Michael Pollan has another treatise on food and politics in the New York Times, and you should probably read it before it’s made into a movie. [NYT]—SG

Season’s Eatings 

Get in the Halloween spirit with these “super sexy” Halloween costumes, such as a KFC food bowl. [The Awl]—Anna Spiegel

The pumpkin keg: because jack-o’-lanterns are SO last season. And because now you don’t have to spring for that pricey pumpkin-flavored beer. What are you, made of money? [Laughing Squid]—TP

In more decorative gourd news, you can all stop panicking about the Great Pumpkin Spice Latte Shortage of ’12 now, okay? [Eater]—TP

War Stories

Don’t drop the foie gras unless you want your face to get burned: tales of gore and abuse in the pro kitchen. [NYT]—JV

And Because It’s Thursday . . .

God and pickles. [McSweeny’s]—AS

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