Local Man Runs Entire Baltimore Marathon in Flip-Flops

Keith Levasseur hopes to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

We thought we saw it all last year at the Marine Corps Marathon when we saw a man running the race barefoot. Or when another guy jogged by at mile 16 in a banana suit. But this news out of Runner’s World Newswire takes the cake.

Keith Levasseur, of Howard County Striders, ran last Saturday’s Baltimore Marathon in 2:46:58—while wearing flip-flops.

It’s impressive enough that he ran a sub-3:00 marathon, but to do it in flip-flops is just about the craziest thing we’ve ever heard. Levasseur is hoping it’s crazy enough to get him into the Guinness Book of World Records, according to the article.

Levasseur’s personal best marathon time is 2:38:34, which he ran at last year’s Marine Corps Marathon, according to the Howard County Striders website.

He told Runner’s World Newswire that the biggest challenges in the race came from running uphill and on cobblestones. The former US Marine managed to finish the race by focusing on his form. He said the next day his ankles were a bit more sore than usual.

According to Levasseur’s bio, his main goal with running is to “continue having fun participating in events with his partner in crime.”

Running 26.2 miles in flip-flops doesn’t exactly sound like fun to us, but we hope it was worth it!