DC Half and Half Marathon Loops in Ben’s Chili Bowl Half-Smoke Challenge

The newest half marathon to hit DC requires an eating competition mid-race.

Love Ben's Chili Bowl's half smoke? Prove it. The DC Half and Half requires downing one and a side of chips in the middle of a half marathon. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user TheGirlsNY.

Good news, runners: There’s another half marathon coming to DC. Here’s the catch: It involves downing a Ben’s Chili Bowl half smoke and chips at the halfway point.

In what’s sure to be either the greatest race ever or every runner’s nightmare, the DC Half and Half Marathon will take place on November 3 along the streets of DC, starting outside of Carter Barron Amphitheater in Rock Creek Park. At the 6.55-mile mark, volunteers at Ben’s Chili Bowl will hand each runner a half-smoke with chili, mustard, and onions and a side of chips, which must be eaten entirely before running the next 6.55 miles to the finish line (and, we’re guessing, straight to the nearest bathroom).

And no excuses, vegetarians! You’ll have a veggie option, too.

According to the race’s website, the idea was inspired by the Krispy Kreme race in Raleigh, North Carolina, which involves eating a dozen glazed doughnuts at the midpoint of a five-mile run. Brothers Pete and Chris Magnuson wanted to bring the race here, with the Washington twist of the beloved Ben’s Chili Bowl half-smoke.

Should you choose to accept this challenge, don’t say your post-race stomach cramps weren’t for nothing. Proceeds from the race will benefit scholarCHIPS, which provides school funding for children of incarcerated parents in Washington.

DC Half and Half Marathon. 4850 Colorado Ave., NW. 8:30 AM. Register online for $25