8 Fitness Classes in Washington to Try This Fall

From surfing to jump-rope class, mix up your routine with these new workouts.

There are plenty of new fitness classes in Washington try this fall. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

Surf Fitness at Sport & Health
Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to give up sand and surf. In the class Surf Fitness at Sport & Health, students will learn a new surfing skill each time while working on gaining better balance, increasing core strength, and improving functional movement capacity. The class is only offered at its Herndon location, but expect it to spread to other gyms soon. Guest passes are $20, but every first Friday of the month is free.

Express Jump Rope at Mint DC
Jumping rope isn’t just for kids. A 150-pound person can burn more than 100 calories in just ten minutes of jumping rope. Mint DC’s Express Jump Rope class is 30 minutes and introduces new jumping movements and aims to improve your endurance. Small strength-training circuits are interspersed to increase calorie burn. A one-day guest pass at Mint is $30.

Core Values at Equinox
Just doing a bunch of crunches won’t get you those rock-hard abs you’ve always wanted, and Equinox’s newest class aims to further disprove that myth. The Core Values class features three ten-minute circuits, including exercises such as handstand pushups, stability ball work, and planks. Fitness classes are only open to Equinox members, but you can schedule a visit at the Bethesda or Tysons Corner location and ask to try a workout.

Lavalicious at Lava Barre
Anyone who’s taken a pole dance class will tell you it’s no walk in the park. This new class at Lava Barre doesn’t include the metal pole, but one of the top-ranked pole dancers in the nation will lead you through an exotic-dance-inspired workout, complete with floor exercises and some barre work. Single classes are $24. Read our review of the class

Cycle Circuit at Off Road DC
The newest indoor cycling studio to hit DC offers Cycle Circuit, which involves half indoor cycling, half circuit training. The circuit training takes place in the first-floor studio, complete with TRX Suspension Training. Single classes are $20. Read our preview of the studio

Sculpt Fusion at Sculpt DC
Sculpt DC’s class combines two of the most popular types of exercises into one class with Sculpt Fusion, its yoga and indoor cycling class. Get your heart racing and muscles warmed up with a jaunt on the bike and then head to the yoga studio to stretch out and relax. Single classes are $25. Read our review of the studio’s opening

Total Body Toy Box at Crunch
You’ll use almost every piece of gym equipment imaginable at Crunch DC’s Total Body Toy Box class. Work your entire body using Bosu balls, gliding discs, medicine balls, and body bars. Sign up for a free guest pass at Crunch’s website

Krav Maga at Stroga
Want to feel like a total badass? Try Krav Maga, a hand-to-hand combat system that was developed by the Israeli military. Krav Maga emphasizes practical techniques for self-defense scenarios. Expect lots of punching, yelling, and groin kicks. It’s offered in multiple locations, including Stroga and Krav Maga DC. Read our review of what to expect at a Krav Maga class