Imbiber’s Agenda: Firefly Barman Jon Harris Will Honor Repeal Day with $10 Drinks

Indulge your inner scofflaw with a Wednesday evening fueled by classic cocktails.

Jon Harris is offering a special menu to celebrate Prohibition's end. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Bosses, if all of your employees call in sick on Thursday, December 6, here’s why: In celebration of Repeal Day—that is, the anniversary of the date on which we did away with the 18th Amendment and made alcohol legal once more—Firefly bar manager Jon Harris has designed a special menu featuring $10 cocktails all evening on Wednesday, December 5.

The cocktails are all themed around our nation’s dark era under the Volstead Act. So for instance the 12 Miles Out—from the famous Savoy Cocktail Book—refers to the fact that 12 miles away from American shores, Volstead was void. The rye-based scofflaw, meanwhile, references a slang term for a person who flagrantly disobeyed the law and drank liquor anyway. (So, you know, everybody.)

Firefly Repeal Day Menu

12 Miles Out
Silver Rum, Calvados, Swedish Punsch
12 Mile Limit
White Rum, Rye Whisky, Brandy, Lemon, Grenadine
Old Overholt Rye, Dolin Rouge Vermouth, Orange, Lemon, Grenadine, Orange Bitters
Bee’s Knees
Gordon’s Gin, Lemon, Honey
Gordon’s Gin, Lime, Mint
Prohibition Cocktail
Gin, Cocchi Americano, Orange, Apricot Liqueur
Volstead Cocktail
Rye Whisky, Swedish Punsch, Orange, Grenadine, Anisette
St. Remy VSOP Brandy, Lemon, Cointreau, Sugar Rim
El Dorado 3 Rum, Lime, Sugar
Charlie Chaplin
Apricot Liqueur, Sloe Gin, Lime