Best Boyfriend Gifts

For the man who can appreciate the art of a tasteful nude, from the woman who is incredibly secure in her own body. Ralph Gibson Nude coffee table book, $65.46 from Barnes & Noble.

Because it’s not a barbecue with out a little pretend swordfighting. BBQ sword, $27.50 from Gent Supply Company.

Boom! We found ’em—non-girly smartphone gloves. $65 from Verloop Knits.

A clever way to get rid of that North Face he’s been carrying around since college. Herschel Woodlands canvas backpack, $110 from Swell.

The only appropriate way to give a man bath products is to wrap them in the essence of John Wayne. True Grit handmade soap, $6 per bar on Etsy.

For your real-life Nate Silver: The crazy-awesome infographic posters from Pop Chart Labs include subjects such as movie monsters, rap names, varieties of beer, Gotham’s villains, superpowers, and migratory patterns of Fresh Princes. $15 to $37 from Pop Chart Lab.

The multi-use tools in this EDC (every day carry) kit weight less than two ounces combined. Gift him the set, then let him decide which he carries around on his key chain. $44 from Kaufmann Mercantile.

Used gift cards get a second life with this truly wonderful contraption. Guitar pick punch, $25 from Cool Material.

This electric razor charges via USB—clutch for last-minute business trips. $39.99 from Shave Tech.

Because the beer-making kit is so last year (and also because we included it in our Coworker Gift Guide). If you want to read a review, the guys over at UrbanDaddy have already put it to the test. Homemade gin kit, $39.95.

A solid, weighty lighter for the guy who takes his cigars seriously. Cast & Crew vintage Scripto lighter, $40 on Etsy.

Sorry, but the only way he’s going to object to these slippers is if he already owns a pair. This is our fleece-lined, failproof holiday gift for men of all ages. Minnetonka slippers, $48 from Urban Outfitters.

Because his mother would never buy him one. Simple slingshot, $22 from Hella Slingshot.

Star Wars flashlight. Hurricane survival (and looking for the power box) just got more way more fun. $19.99 from ThinkGeek.

Are we wrong to think all music should be played on an iSomething these days? Just seems easier to us. But if he insists on vinyl, this is a damn good-looking player. AV room turntable, $160 from Urban Outfitters.

If he eats as many meals in front of the computer as the rest of us do, this is a must. Good for ketchup, beer, and coffee spills alike. Logitech washable keyboard, $39.99 from Office Max.

At the end of the day, the best gift for your guy is a) something fun and indulgent that doesn’t have exist solely to fulfill a practical purpose in his life, and b) something he’d never buy himself (or at least something he wouldn’t buy himself over the age of 25). This toy helicopter, controlled through an iPhone app, is exactly that. $59.95 from iHelicopter.

Gimmicky wallets look great on blogs, but we get how they can get embarrassing in actual life settings. This one is just subtle enough to work. Cheddar bill holder, $95 from Jack Spade.

You know, we looked at a lot of bottle openers for this gift guide, yet we always come back to this. Simple, and slips right onto his keys for anywhere access. $11 from Makr.

Looks good at work, looks good on the weekend, and, most important, is about $200 less than the Jack Spade laptop bag you love but just can’t quite afford to gift. Academy laptop duffel, $99.95 from Shop Hex.


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