5 At-Home Workouts to Burn Off Holiday Weight Gain

Get back into your workout regimen with these quick and high-intensity workouts.

Well+Being's favorite at-home workouts include personal trainer Angel Stone's workout for skiers and snowboarders. Photograph courtesy of Angel Stone.

Confession: I’ve probably spent more time lifting delicious holiday treats into my mouth the past few days than lifting a dumbbell. If you find yourself in the same boat, with the guilt creeping in, avoid the steadily growing crowds at the gym and try some of Well+Being’s favorite at-home workouts.

The 5-4-3-2-1 Workout
We love that this workout can be dwindled down to just 15 minutes or extended to 45 minutes, if performed in three sets. Each section involves 5-, 4-, 3-, 2-, or 1-minute of body-weight exercises, no equipment necessary.

The 20-Minute 100 Workout
Don’t think this workout is a walk in the park just because it only takes 20 minutes. Our writer still felt the burn in her legs two days after trying out this Pinterest workout, which involves tons of jumping jacks, ab work, and leg-sculpting exercises.

The Fat-Burning Tabata Workout
Tabata workouts only require a few minutes of your time, but the quick bursts of exercises at maximum intensity, followed by just 10 seconds of rest, increase your fat burn and will have you sweating in no time.

The Perfect Workout for Skiers and Snowboarders
If you’re hitting the slopes for New Year’s, better prepare your legs for the soreness that’s bound to set in afterwards. This workout by personal trainer Angel Stone involves lots of jumping, single-leg squats, and other exercises that develop hip stability and strengthens glutes and legs.

Grant Hill’s Tabata Burpee Workout
Yes, burpees are rough, but they’re our go-to exercise when we’re short on time and want to burn some easy calories quickly. Hill’s work involves just this one exercise and takes just eight minutes of your time. Good luck!