7 of the Healthiest Lunches in DC Under $7

Save calories—and cash—with these cheap and healthy meals.

Protein Bar's vegetarian quinoa chili bowl is proof that you can find a healthy and cheap meal in DC. Photograph courtesy of Protein Bar's Facebook page.

With the holidays over, our wallets are a little lighter—and our midsections possibly a little heftier. Lunch Break is here to help. We rounded up some cheap, guilt-free lunches around DC that you can eat guilt-free, without worrying about hidden calories or a depleted bank account.

The Summer Bowl at Boloco—$5.93
For a decent 407 calories and 43 percent of your daily fiber, the original-size summer bowl will hold you over throughout the day. You’ll get protein from the black beans and fajita vegetables while cutting fat and calories by skipping the jack cheese and tortilla, which is more than 200 calories alone. 

Six-Inch Oven-Roasted Chicken at Subway—$4
If the Veggie Delite sub isn’t working for you, the chicken sub makes a good substitute. Get the chicken and fiber-rich veggies on a nine-grain wheat roll and your meal comes out to about 445 calories and six grams of fat.

Hearty Turkey Chili at Pret A Manger—$4.99
When all you want is a hearty soup to warm up this winter, head to Pret A Manger and order a regular 12-ounce cup of turkey chili. It’s high in protein and lower in sodium than most soups. 

Skinny T-K-Y Sandwich at Potbelly—$4
If you’re watching your carb intake, go for Potbelly’s skinny’s, which contain 30 percent less fat than original sandwiches and come on thin-cut bread. The T-K-Y, with turkey breast and Swiss cheese, is your best bet at just 294 calories. But watch out for sodium, which comes in at 1,054 milligrams. 

Veggie Guacamole Sub at Quizno’s—$4.99
This five-inch sub is less than 500 calories, no matter what type of bread you order it on. As a plus, it’s vegetarian friendly, and topped with lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes, and guacamole. Skip the cheddar and save yourself 60 calories.

Two Caramelized Tofu Tacos at TaKorean—$7
Food truck food doesn’t always scream healthy, but TaKorean’s caramelized tofu tacos are complete in protein and make for a satisfying meal when you’re going meatless. 

Vegan Quinoa Chili Bowl at Protein Bar—$6.99
You can’t go wrong with much at this quick-service health-food restaurant. The vegan quinoa bowl is just 360 calories, and filled with vegetarian chili, cheese, onions, and, of course, quinoa.