6 Places to Work Out in Washington Besides the Gym

Avoid the crowds and try these studios and fitness facilities on for size.

There are plenty of alternatives to the gym when it gets too crowded. Epic Yoga in Dupont Circle offers yoga and barre classes. Photograph courtesy of Epic Yoga.

You don’t even have to belong to a gym to know that these days it’s packed with folks fulfilling their New Year’s resolution of being healthier. To avoid the crowds and still fit in your workout every day, try one of these indoor alternatives.

Indoor Cycling Studios
If you haven’t already jumped on the indoor-cycling bandwagon, now’s a great time to start. There’s Off Road Cycling on U Street, Biker Barre in Capitol Hill, Sculpt DC in Penn Quarter, Zengo Fitness in Bethesda, Revolve Fitness in Clarendon, and the new Cycle Luv in Loudoun County. Before signing up for a membership or class package, try a drop-in class first. Prices range from $20 to $22 a class.

Barre Classes
So many barre studios in Washington have popped up in the past year we’ve almost lost track. Consult our reviews of classes at Lava Barre, Biker Barre, Xtend Barre, and Epic Yoga. (To get the best of both worlds, many indoor cycling studios offer hybrid barre/cycling classes.)

Boot Camp
If the thought of doing CrossFit terrifies you, there’s always boot camp. Not only are classes typically kept small, but many instructors offer drop-in rates or free first classes. We rounded up 13 local boot camps that come highly rated by current and past participants. (Tip: City Sports in Dupont Circle is hosting free boot camp classes during the month of January.)

Indoor Rock Climbing
Ever notice how serious rock climbers are seriously lean and toned? Rock climbing requires extreme upper-body strength and can really pique one’s sense of adventure. There are five major indoor rock climbing facilities in the area to try this winter before heading out to cliffs come spring.

Krav Maga
If getting tough is on your list of 2013 resolutions, a Krav Maga class can help. Krav Maga is a hand-to-hand combat system used in the Israeli military since the 1940s and ’50s. DC has its very own school for the practice, and even just one class will have you exuding confidence and power. 

Work Out at Home
Whether you’re sweating along to a Jillian Michaels DVD or trying one of our tough Well+Being routines, it’s possible to get a great workout in the comfort of your home.