Food Diaries: How to Eat Well Without Spending Hours in the Kitchen

Registered dietitian Rebecca Bitzer shows how planning your meals can keep you on the right track.

Although Rebecca Bitzer counsels clients on nutrition, she’s the first to admit she’s not a foodie. “I love good food,” she says, “but I do not enjoy spending hours cooking and preparing food.”

The nutrition therapist, who works specifically with clients with eating disorders, says she feels best when she eats small, frequent meals throughout the day with one “fun” food included. She suggests planning your meals in advance, which means you’ll have “a much better chance of actually eating what [you] planned.” Read on to see how Bitzer eats for a day.

Breakfast: “Before I leave for work in the morning, I typically eat my favorite go-to breakfast: peanut butter and sliced banana on whole-wheat toast. This breakfast packs in whole grains, protein, healthy fats, fruit, and fiber. It’s quick to eat and keeps me feeling full.”

Morning Snack: “In the mid-morning or early afternoon, I like to have a small snack to keep my energy up. This is usually a piece of fruit, nuts, or a yogurt.”

Lunch: “I like to have a protein-based sandwich, such as grilled chicken or turkey, along with baby carrots or vegetable soup for a side. Adding healthy sides like these helps me incorporate more food groups into my meal while providing valuable vitamins, minerals, and fiber.”

Afternoon Snack: “Snack bars like Kind fruit and nut bars or Fig Newtons give me the boost I need to keep going in the afternoons. I also enjoy a yogurt or a piece of fruit for an afternoon snack.”

Dinner: “I typically eat out for dinner or prepare an Amy’s frozen meal. I enjoy trying new restaurants, and select meals that incorporate vegetables, lean protein, and healthy carbohydrates, such as chicken stir-fry with brown rice from a local Japanese steakhouse.”

Dessert: “I like to have more snack-type desserts, like this cinnamon-sugar doughnut with a cup of coffee.”

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