The New Year’s Workout From Hell

Your legs will feel like Jell-o after, but at least they’ll look nice and toned.

Laurent Amzallag's workout is no walk in the park, but it will leave your legs toned. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you’re already bored with your fitness regimen, we’ve got just the routine to spice things up. We can always count on Sports Club/LA trainer Laurent Amzallag to kick things up a notch with his rigorous but fun workouts. He calls this New Year’s workout LSFH: Laurent’s Sequence From Hell. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1) One-legged hop and touch: 25 times.
Hop on one foot, then lean down to touch your opposite foot, making sure you keep your back as straight as possible.

2) One-legged mountain climbers: 25 times.
Get in pushup position and place the same foot you were hopping with onto a towel. Perform one-legged mountain climbers while keeping the opposite leg in the air.

3) One-legged pushups: 25 times.
Do 25 pushups with the same foot still on the towel and the other in the air.

4) Explosive lunges: 25 times.
Stand up and do 25 explosive lunges, making sure the foot that was on the towel is the one that will be forward. Go as low as you can.

5) Rest and repeat entire sequence on other leg.
As the workout gets easier, increase your reps until you reach 50.

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