Where to Go Running During Inauguration 2013

Because you can forget about the National Mall.

Don't even bother trying to run on the National Mall during Inauguration 2013 weekend. Nearby routes, such as Custis Trail in Arlington, come highly recommended by local runners. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user mokaiwen.

As you may have heard, inauguration 2013 is this weekend, which means at least one favorite running route is out of commission: the National Mall. The good news: You have plenty of other options. We sent out a request via Twitter for local runners to share their favorite running routes besides the Mall, and you all had plenty to say.

The most popular recommendation was Rock Creek Park, which features tons of running trails and will be open to traffic on inauguration day. Also popular: Custis Trail, which runs through Arlington off the Key Bridge, explains runner Laney Cohen. To head back into the District, “you can get on the Mount Vernon Trail and still see most of the monuments and feel all patriotic.”

Read on for other recommendations, and feel free to add your own in the comments section. For a full list of closed roads and bridges, see our guide on Capital Comment