The Great Doughnut Derby: Krispy Kreme vs. Migue’s Magnificent Mini Donuts

A global juggernaut takes on a tiny farmers market favorite.

Krispy Kreme takes on Migue’s in day two of the derby. Photograph courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

Happy Tuesday, doughnut folk, and welcome to day two of the competition. First things first: It’s time to announce the winner of our first bout—that would be the fried dough offerings at Tabard Inn, which dominated day one with 71 percent of the votes. And with that, sadly, we must bid adieu all too early to those lovely pastries at Lyon Hall.

Our next battle should prove to be a true David and Goliath fight to the finish. Farmers market favorite Migue’s Magnificent Mini Donuts is up against—what?—Krispy Kreme. (Before you write in, please remember that our bracket order was determined by random selection.)

So what’s it going to be, Washington—the tiny local business that makes tiny local doughnuts, or Krispy Kreme, one of the most recognized and popular brands in the free world? Remember, it’s all about who makes the best product—so don’t forget to vote with your taste buds, and to do it before 5 PM, when the poll closes. Those of you who are in this to win the $50 gift certificate can follow along with the bracket results.

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