The Great Doughnut Derby: Shilla Bakery vs. 2 Amys

A Korean bakery takes on a Cleveland Park pizzeria. Whose pastries will rise to the top?

These twists are among the doughnut offerings at Shilla. Photograph courtesy of Shilla Bakery.

Happy Friday, fried-dough fans. Thursday was an exciting day at the derby. Spurred on by tweeting toque Will Artley, supporters of the lemon doughnuts at Pizzeria Orso showed up in droves to knock out Graffiato in round one. Congrats to Orso, which advances to round two, where it will take on Cork Market.

Quite a first week overall, what with Krispy Kreme getting knocked out so quickly and now Graffiato out of the game. We’re fairly certain there are some brackets out there that have gone right off the rails—because, you see, anything can happen in the Doughnut Derby. So keep voting and let your voice be heard.

Meanwhile, another Italian outfit enters the event. Famed pizzeria 2 Amys, where Saturday and Sunday lunch draws a crowd for freshly baked doughnuts, goes up against Korean pastry maker Shilla Bakery, creators of sugary pastries stuffed with red bean paste.

Before we get to the voting, a little doughnut reminder for you: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken is all set to open next week. Perfect timing, since that’s when they go up against Founding Farmers. But more on that later. Let’s hit the poll.

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