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Georgetown University Reaches $1 Billion Milestone in Capital Campaign

A $200 donation made the difference.

Georgetown University president
John DeGioia appeared in a video released Wednesday to give good news to the campus and its alums:
The school’s capital campaign, which began in 2011, has reached the $1 billion mark.
It has $500 million to go to achieve its overall goal.

DeGioia said the milestone was reached “with a $200 gift from a young alumna.” So
far, 86,162 donors have contributed to the campaign, called For Generations to Come.

DeGioia boasted that the funds received, so far, are already being used, with positive
results. “We have seen significant increases in scholarship giving,” he said. “These
gifts made a Georgetown education possible for some of the most gifted and talented
students who might otherwise have not been able to attend.” He also cited the university’s
new 154,000-square-foot Regents Hall science center.

Noting the opportunity of the big number that’s been reached, DeGioia put in a pitch
for the next half billion. “We seek to capture the potential of this moment to promote
our mission and values and to advance Georgetown as a global leader in higher education,”
he said. The deadline for the additional funds is July 2016.