The Great Doughnut Derby: Boqueria vs. Bayou Bakery

Churros or beignets? Only one can win.

Churros at Boqueria take on buttermilk beignets from Bayou Bakery. Photograph by Scott Suchman (left) and courtesy of Bayou Bakery (right).

With only three more bouts in round one, we are deep into the derby now, people. Let’s talk about Wednesday’s competition. It was a serious shut-out, with Palena doughnut fans showing up in droves to help it beat out the beignets at Acadiana.

Now it’s time to throw another local beignet into the mix. At Courthouse’s Bayou Bakery, Louisiana native David Guas serves up fluffy, warm pillows of sugary fried goodness that have a fierce following here in Washington. Should be a sugar-coated shoe-in—only thing is, they are going up against some pretty tasty churros, those golden-sweet sticks at New York import Boqueria. Served with hot chocolate sauce for dipping, they’re a must-try at the tapas spot at 18th and M, Northwest.

As always, polls close at 5 PM. Vote away, doughnut-devouring Washingtonians.