The Great Doughnut Derby: 2 Amys vs. the Palm

Send your favorite spot into the elite eight.

The Palm takes on 2 Amys to determine whose fritter reigns supreme. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock,

It was the biggest day at the derby yet. On Wednesday, loyal consumers of chef Will Artley’s lemony doughnuts in Falls Church showed up in large numbers to send Pizzeria Orso into the elite eight. There, it will take on Migue’s Magnificent Mini Donuts, which is changing its name to DC-Donuts and, I’m told, will debut a full-size chocolate doughnut this weekend. In other ’nut news, be sure to check out our preview of GBD in Dupont Circle.

Returning to our contest to determine of Washington’s best doughnut, big round-one winner 2 Amys returns to go up against that classic fat-cat clubhouse the Palm. Which spot makes the better fried snacks? As always, that decision lies with you. Vote before 5.

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