The Great Doughnut Derby: Mac’s Donuts vs. Zeke’s DC Donutz

Sweets on a stick, or a new P Street purveyor?

A tasty offering at Zeke's DC Donutz. Photograph by Andrew Propp.

Fritter fiends, hello. The competition has grown as hot as a deep-fat fryer all set to crisp up some sugary dough as we move further into round two. Friday, just-opened Astro inspired dozens upon dozens of votes to close Al Dente out of the elite eight. That was a surprise for those of us monitoring this thing, since Al Dente was one of the most popular round one competitors. Congrats, Astro.

Now it’s time to make another tough choice. Mac’s Donuts—home of the “stick o’ donuts”—is taking on newcomer Zeke’s DC Donutz, which operates out of a graffiti-lined outlet on P Street, Northwest. Who will move on in the derby? That’s entirely up to you. Be sure to vote before 5 PM. And may your week be filled with greasy-sweet, ring-shaped snacks.