The Great Doughnut Derby: Seasonal Pantry vs. Cashion’s Eat Place

Two pastry chefs put out impressive deep-fried pastries. Which fritters move on to the elite eight?

The pastry chef at Cashion’s bases her doughnuts on an old Italian recipe. Photograph courtesy of Cashion’s.

Well, Washington, it’s pretty clear you are fans of doughnuts on a stick. Farmers market favorite Mac’s Donuts enjoyed a major victory over newcomer Zeke’s DC Donutz in Monday’s competition.

Now it’s time to pick between the puffs at Shaw market and restaurant Seasonal Pantry or those at Cashion’s in Adams Morgan, where you’ll find them at the bar during brunch. Seasonal Pantry pastry chef Naomi Gallego plays around with cool flavor combinations like pistachio-lemon Old Fashioned and banana with chocolate-caramel cream. Cashion’s dessert maven Lauren Bonfiglio takes a more classic approach, using an old Italian recipe to create her ethereal puffs. Who moves on? Cast your vote before 5.