Sam Kass Furlough, Margaret Thatcher’s Soft Serve, “Mad Men” Goulash: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

The best Negroni ever? We’ll take two. Image via Shutterstock.

Try This at Home

You haven’t been a part of the counterculture until you’ve made goulash from stolen
pork butt in a house with no heat or running water. Vulture has the recipe for Betty’s
Squatter’s Goulash from last Sunday’s
Mad Men. [Vulture] —Sophie Gilbert

Sorry in advance for getting “Last Resort” stuck in your head, but this Papa Roach
“recipe” is pretty hilarious. (Although I wouldn’t actually try it at home.) [BuzzFeed] —Tanya Pai

Rhubarb Eton Mess sounds even dirtier when you say it with an English accent. This
recipe for a classic British dessert seems a good match for spring’s tartest arrival.
[Taste] —Shane Harris

How to cut up a whole chicken. Great for making stock. And relieving aggression. [New York Times] —SH

The secret to the best Negroni ever? Can’t disagree with this Napaman fellow. [Napaman] —Jessica Voelker

They’ll Be There All Night; Don’t Forget to Tip Your Waitresses

Sure, American restaurants tweet away about specials and promos, but what about in-house
breastfeeding jokes? The Awl picks out “The Only Turkish Restaurant in London You
Need to Follow on Twitter.” [The Awl] —Anna Spiegel

Dock the Kass . . . bah?

When it comes to sequestration, hotness will not save you—White House assistant chef

Sam Kass told reporters that he might be being furloughed due to budget cuts. THANKS, HOUSE

Unfair Trade

Pods are taking over the world. The
Guardian reports on why Nespresso coffee is “the ready-meal of coffee—hugely processed and
overpriced compared to the raw ingredient.” THANKS, GEORGE CLOONEY. [Guardian] —SG

Newsy Fare

Think what you will about Margaret Thatcher the politician—you can’t deny helping
invent soft-serve ice cream was a great service to humanity. [Esquire] —TP

Eat those eggs, youngins. Share Our Strength’s founder shares some pretty stunning
stats on schoolkids and the most important meal of the day. [Billy Bearing Witness] —JV

Did you know the Port of Virginia is a leader in distributing food to famine-stricken
parts of the world? About 5,700 20-foot containers of food left the US through the
port in 2012. [Daily Press] —Marisa Kashino

Fast Food Nation

The brave staff at
Boston magazine taste-test the latest monstrosity from ubiquitous Massachusetts chain Dunkin’
Donuts: the glazed doughnut breakfast sandwich. [Boston Daily] —TP

Diving for Dinner

Pro: The food is free! Con: It came from a dumpster. [Time] —MK

Farm Watch

Because obviously it’s the
taping of animal cruelty that is the problem. [NYT] —JV

Exploding Chicken and a Stoned Staff

We all know professional kitchens are a dangerous place, but these anecdotes from
New York chefs go way beyond cuts and burns. [NYT] —AS

Welcome to Washington, DC, where getting a poor-tasting burrito is a life-threatening
experience. [HuffPo] —Chris Campbell

Thieves in Germany stole 5.5 tons of Nutella, valued at about $21,000. Do we really
need to ask what their motivation was? But if a giant crepe restaurant suddenly opens
in Niederaula, maybe start asking questions. [CNN] —SG

In One
End . . .

Farts and poop = serious reading. Journalist Mary Roach discusses her new book,
Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal. Spoiler alert: It’s all about what happens to food after you put it in your mouth.

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