Expat Cravings, Space Shrimp, Gordon Ramsay’s Big Bill: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

We get cravings for Chinese takeout all the time. But one kid in Michigan took things a little too far. Photograph via Shutterstock.

Eat Your Words

In response to the horrific events in Boston, Epicurious tweeted about honoring the city with “whole-grain cranberry scones.” Yes, this is for real. [Eater] —Marisa Kashino

Roots Bistro in Texas is “local, organic, green” . . . and thinks it’s funny to relate beer to violence. [Culture Map] —Chris Campbell

This Town Needs a Chinese Restaurant That Delivers

The time your six-year-old went crazy for Kung Pao. [Detroit News] —CC

Liquid Life

If the week’s news is crushing you—and if it’s not, those SSRI dugs may be working too well—a little beer might cheer you up. [NBC] —Jessica Voelker

I’m not bitter about it, but people don’t drink enough Cynar. It really does work beautifully with bourbon, and makes a nice transition from cold to warm weather. [There Will Be Bourbon] —Shane Harris

Who else wants to travel around the country and taste all these cocktails? [Grub Street] —JV

Meaty Matters

The changing face of the fast food worker (more than 42 percent now have some form of college education). [NBC] —Sophie Gilbert

The best burger I’ve had in the past few months was easily the “island sauce”-slathered, pickle-loaded patty at Red Apron, but the Union Market location only slings 20 of them and only serves them on Friday. Gaze at it here, among the country’s other hardest-to-score burgers. [Eater] —Ann Limpert

More burger porn: What goes into the beloved Shack Burger. [Eater] —AL

Now You Know

Shriiiimps in spaaaaaace! Turns out that of all the dehydrated, vacuum-sealed culinary atrocities astronauts eat in orbit, shrimp cocktail is their favorite. [The Atlantic] —SH

In a story with a headline I would probably have rephrased, Grub Street reports on the mini trend of people exchanging McDonald’s menu items for sex. Brings a whole new meaning to the slogan “I’m lovin’ it.” [Grub Street] —Tanya Pai

The Toque That Takes

Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay allegedly dined and dashed on the tab for his restaurant’s top-of-the line appliances. [TMZ] —MK

Culinary Connection

Much to my shoulders’ chagrin, my laptop is never not with me. And most of the time, we’re in restaurants together. So this list of restaurants in Washington with wi-fi makes me happy. [Don Rockwell] —JV

Try This at Home

Craving fried chicken but watching the cals? Nigel Slater might just have the solution. Behold, popcorn with chicken skin. [Guardian] —AL

My mother makes me the best sweet potato muffins I’ve ever had each year to welcome me home for Christmas. No way in hell I’m following Gwyneth’s cooking advice. [HuffPo] —CC

Global Eats

I will never understand why Americans are so perfectly content to eat confectionery that tastes vaguely like vomit. Cadbury’s is on the list of things I miss most from home; here’s a primer on what other expats abroad crave, including a man who spent $15 on a Cadbury’s Creme Egg. [Guardian] —SG

If, like me, your definition of a good vacay involves eating and more eating, this list is for you. [Bon Appétit] —MK

Badass Brit Baker

A British border agency staffer turned cake maker proves he’s making the right career change. [Grub Street] —AL

On the Front Lines

Bon Appétit has a goosebump-inducing firsthand account of the Marathon Monday scene from the owner of Eastern Standard, one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in Boston. [Bon App] —TP

Senior Editor

Marisa M. Kashino joined Washingtonian in 2009 and was a senior editor until 2022.

Ann Limpert
Executive Food Editor/Critic

Ann Limpert joined Washingtonian in late 2003. She was previously an editorial assistant at Entertainment Weekly and a cook in New York restaurant kitchens, and she is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education. She lives in Petworth.