Preview: Pure Barre Opens in Dupont Circle (Photos)

The national franchise brings its popular barre workout to DC for the first time.

Pure Barre opens in Dupont Circle tomorrow, becoming the first DC location for the franchise. Photographs by Melissa Romero.

There have been more DC barre studio openings in the past year than we can count, and this Friday we get one more: Pure Barre, coming to Washington for the first time with a new outpost in Dupont Circle.

Pure Barre was founded by Carrie Rezabek Dorr in Birmingham, Michigan in 2001. Since becoming a franchise in 2009, it’s already spread to 33 states, now including DC. Michelle Davidson, the Dupont Circle owner, left her career as a lawyer in New York to open a franchise here after realizing the DC market was missing out on the popular workout.

The Pure Barre workout is a fast-paced 55-minute class set to motivating music, explains Davidson. “We use the bar to isolate different muscle groups, using weights, pushups, and ab, thigh, and seat work.” The franchise claims students see results—tighter glutes and toned arms, core, and legs—after ten sessions.

“The workout really targets all of the muscle groups women typically struggle with,” says Davidson.

But Davidson says she doesn’t plan for Pure Barre to attract only women. “I feel like a lot of men are intimidated being in a class full of women, but I really would like to target to men,” she says. She points to the New Orleans Pure Barre location, which recently taught a class full of football players. “It helps stretch [athletes’] muscles and is a nice addition to their workout routine,” Davidson says.

Pure Barre DC opens Friday with classes at 6:45 AM, 8 AM, noon, 3:45 PM, and 5 PM. 

Pure Barre. 2130 P St., NW. Drop-in classes are $25. A pre-opening special includes one month of unlimited classes for $99. 

Update: Pure Barre DC’s opening has been postponed until a later date due to permit delays. 

Update 4/29: Pure Barre DC opens Tuesday, April 30. 

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