The Meridian Hill Park Workout

Head to the Columbia Heights park for this outdoor workout.

Personal trainer Errick McAdams knows Meridian Hill Park well. And he should—whenever the weather cooperates you’ll likely find him training clients there, whether it’s on the steps, by the fountains, or underneath the canopy of trees. Now that spring is officially in the air, next time you head to the 12-acre park, get your heart rate going with this strength- and cardio-boosting outdoor workout.

The Meridian Hill Park Workout

Round 1 (warmup)

Photographs courtesy of Errick McAdams.

Run up and down the stairs x 10

After the 10th rep, head up to the top level of the park.

Round 2*

Incline push ups on the back of a park bench x 15

Right leg step-ups x 15

Left leg step-ups x 15 

Bench dips x 15

*Perform 3 sets. 12 reps of each on the 2nd set. 10 reps of each on the 3rd set.

Round 3

Photograph courtesy of Flickr user Elvert Barnes.

Joan of Arc sprints x 10: Start behind Joan of Arc statue. Sprint across the field until you reach the sidewalk. Catch your breath. Rest. Sprint back to Joan of Arc side as fast as you can. That’s two reps.


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