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Fresh Faces at Nationals Park

The Nats’ new identity as World Series front-runners isn’t the only change at Nationals Park. Here are four other things we’re keeping our eye on this season.

Dan Haren and Denard Span. Photographs by Chris Bernacchi/AP Images.

New Broadcast Team Member: A year after joining MASN, Kristina Akra decided she’s been in the crossfire of her last Gatorade shower. She’s moved to the MLB Network, meaning the Nats will have a different on-field reporter to celebrate wins with.

New Member of Baseball’s Best Rotation: Onetime ace Dan Haren looks to return to form after battling injuries with the Angels last year. If he’s anywhere near his old self, baseball’s best starting rotation will actually improve over last year.

New Addition to the Lineup:
Denard Span was the lone major addition to the opening roster, and that’s fine. All it lacked was an every-day center-fielder and classic leadoff hitter. He’s both. Plus he tweets and is smart enough to ask for restaurant tips.

New Prediction Manager: Davey Johnson is nothing if not confident. Before last season, he said he should be fired if he didn’t guide the team to its first playoff. He’s back and isn’t growing demure with age. This year he’s on record with a Series proclamation.

This article appears in the May 2013 issue of The Washingtonian.