How DC Ranks in Yoga and Biking

Two new rankings give DC, Maryland, and Virginia kudos for their commitment to yoga and biking.

Forbes recently named Washington, DC the fourth most yoga-friendly city in America. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user daveynin.

Washingtonians love their rankings, whether it’s being the most well-read city in America or being mostly likely to drop an F-bomb at work. Now being yoga-friendly can be added to the growing list.

Forbes Magazine recently deemed DC the fourth most yoga-friendly city, tied with New York City. Using data from the marketing firm GfK MRI, the survey found that Washingtonians are 34 percent more likely to do yoga than the general population. Our friends in Baltimore weren’t far behind, at number six, with 28 percent of residents more likely to practice yoga than the general population. 

As for being bike-friendly, Maryland and Virginia rank in the top 20 but still have some work to do, according to the League of American Bicyclists, which released its annual Bicycle Friendly States ranking in honor of May’s National Bike Month. Unfortunately, Maryland and Virginia just missed the top ten list, coming in at 11th and 16th, respectively. Both states received high points for their biking policies and programs but scored low for lack of infrastructure and funding. Washington state was named the most bike-friendly.

DC was not included in the bike rankings, but we have to imagine it would have earned a top spot. Its bike lanes, after all, got their moment in the spotlight with President Obama earlier this year.