Food Diaries: How a Nike Personal Trainer and Accountant Eats for a Day

Chris Perrin lives a double life with his two jobs. How does he stay energized?

As Chris Perrin puts it, “I live a double life.” You may know him as a local Nike personal trainer, but from 9 to 5 he crunches numbers at a desk as an accountant. “These jobs are completely different,” he says. “One I’m up and about, the other I’m sitting on my tail.” That said, his diet has to be efficient and match his activity level. “Very little energy is wasted,” he says. He’s also a vegetarian. Read on to see what food keeps him fueled throughout the day.

Breakfast (5:30 AM): “My first client is at 6 AM. My go-to most mornings is three eggs on half of a OneBun topped with salsa. I spread chipotle barbecue sauce on each OneBun. I also have a coffee, black. I take the coffee with me and sip it throughout the morning.”

Snack (8:15 AM): “Before heading off to the 9 to 5 I typically try to shove some diced pineapple chunks into my mouth.”

Pre-workout (12:30 PM): “Not pictured here is Vega Energizer. I have one scoop of that with an apple and grapes. A half hour to an hour later I’m busting out some HIIT [high-intensity interval training] and weight training.”

Post-workout shake (2:30 PM): “After my workout I have a mixture of one scoop of Vega Vanilla protein, one scoop of Vega Recovery Accelerator, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a drop of raspberry-chocolate Stevia. It’s delicious and feeds my muscles!”

Snack (5:30 PM): “I have two hours of training ahead of me—I need some fuel. Jalapeño hummus and carrots are a nice combo of carbs, fat, and protein. This is my favorite meal of the day!”

Dinner (8 PM): Egg, cheese, and salsa-stuffed bell pepper. “I make this at least once a month: scrambled eggs cooked with salsa, shoved into a baked bell pepper with some guac and cheese. I put down about two of these bad boys in one sitting.”

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