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What to Wear in a Rain Delay: Just Ask Screech

The Nationals mascot displays fetching fashion sense.

Before the Nats faced down the Detroit Tigers, Screech appeared in his rain gear. Photograph by Carol Ross Joynt.

The downside of a rain delay at Nats Park is, obviously, the rain delay. But there’s
also an upside: the chance to see team mascot Screech in his foul-weather gear. 

night’s historic 3-1 win against the Detroit Tigers—historic because it was the first
time ever that the Nats beat Detroit—got off to a late start due to a steady rain.
Fans used the hour stall to take advantage of $1 hot dogs and $5 beer. Once the field
crew began to roll back the diamond’s rain cover, Screech appeared in a fetching yellow
raincoat and hat, with matching umbrella. This fashion statement turned heads and
distracted from the drizzle that lasted into the early innings. Just screeching in
the rain, perhaps? But soon enough the sky cleared, and the game went the Nats way,
including a
Denard Span triple,
Bryce Harper’s tenth home run this season, and strong pitching from
Jordan Zimmermann. Despite the rain and chill, the turnout was strong at 34,893.

The win wasn’t the only gift from the Nationals to fans on Wednesday. After an outcry,
they reversed a new, stricter rain-delay policy that was announced after Tuesday night’s
game against Detroit was postponed to Thursday. Without going into all the details,
here’s what you need to know, as announced by the team: “The Washington Nationals
wish to announce that all fans who purchased tickets for Tuesday night’s postponed
game with the Detroit Tigers will be guaranteed their same seats for Thursday’s scheduled
4:05 PM makeup game, or will retain the option to exchange their tickets—as they have
in the past—for any remaining regular or value home game during the 2013 season, subject
to availability.”