Wired Cycling to Open in Eckington in September

Owner Leticia Long says not to expect typical cycling sessions.

Good news, Eckington: You’re getting your very own spin studio.

Come September, Wired Cycling will be the neighborhood’s first indoor cycling studio, and the District’s seventh. (Fingers crossed SoulCycle does in fact open by the end of the summer.) And while you can expect your typical one-room studio setting, owner Leticia Long tells us that Wired Cycling will offer much more than just an intense session on the bike.

“It’s going to be different from studios like SoulCycle, which I love and are all about energy and entertainment,” says Long. Wired Cycling “is more about how to get the best bang for your buck—how to use watts, revolutions per minute, and heart rate to get the most impact out of a workout.”

Long, who previously worked for the Data Foundation and has a background in evidence-based science, says her goal is to get the Wired Cycling program licensed, like Spinning. Instructors will be trained under Long’s own certification program.

In addition, Long says she wants Wired Cycling to be a haven for older folks to work up a sweat. “For women over 50, my cohort, certain things deteriorate a lot faster: fast-twitch muscle fibers and speed work differently. I’m going to have a focused effort on that.”

But ultimately, Long hopes Wired Cycling will pull in the whole community—young, old, fit, or overweight. “It’s all about finding a home for everybody.”

Wired Cycling. 2028 Fourth St., NE; 202-459-8808. 

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