The Up and Over Stairs Workout at Meridian Hill Park

Get your heart pumping and work on speed with this outdoor workout.

Photograph via Flickr user NCinDC.

Sometimes all you need is a good set of stairs to work up a sweat. Add a jump rope to the mix and you’ve got a heart-pumping routine, says personal trainer Errick McAdams. Earlier this year McAdams wowed us with his Meridian Hill Park workout. This time around, he has another one that can be performed anywhere with a set of stairs. McAdams recommends starting at the main stairs of Meridian Hill Park on 16th Street, but feel free to modify the workout to your location.

Equipment: Stairs, jump rope, and yoga bricks.

1. Start at the foot of the main stairs on 16th Street. Sprint up the stairs to the top of the park.

2. Sprint down the first flight of stairs on the other side. Turn around and sprint back to the top level of the park.

3. Place hands on yoga bricks—or ground or bench—and do 15 pushups.

4. Jump rope 100 times.

Repeat five times, timing yourself each round.