The 2013 Midsummer Guide to Berry-Picking in Virginia and Maryland (Updated)

There’s still time to hit the bushes. Here’s where to do it.

Blackberries are beginning to come into peak picking time across the region. Photograph via Shutterstock.

Heading to a farm on a sunny afternoon to pick berries is a long-cherished rite of
summer. While blueberries typically ripen in mid-June, there are still a few farms
with late-blooming varieties (read: take advantage now). Blackberries are also beginning
to pop up, mostly in Maryland. We’ve updated our annual guide to berry-picking in
the area—act
quickly, or subject yourself to decidedly inferior store-bought varieties. We checked
in with the farms for each of the below reports, but call ahead for up-to-date details
since berries are sensitive to weather changes.


Frog Eye Farm

19600 Frog Eye Rd., Knoxville; call 301-799-8645 or e-mail

Picking updates: Despite coming off of a dual storm wipeout last year, the berries here are plump
and juicy as ever. Frog Eye Farm has more than 15 varieties of blueberries, allowing
for a healthy and lasting crop. They’re expected to last until mid-August.

Just for fun: Co-owner Tracy Racheff tells us each blueberry bush has a different flavor. The farm
encourages sampling so you can craft your ideal bushel of berries.

Price: Blueberries $3 per pound.

Hours: Open weekdays 8 to 2 (Wednesday 8 to 8) and weekends 8 to 4.

Homestead Farm

15604 Sugarland Rd., Poolesville; 301-977-3761 (for a recorded message of picking

Picking updates: Thornless blackberries are the name of the game at Homestead. Perfect for safe picking,
they should be there until at least mid-August. Bring a container, or buy one at the

Just for fun: You can also pick some peaches while on the farm. And don’t forget to greet the goat
that wanders around.

Price: Blackberries $2.59 per pound; peaches $1.79 per pound.

Hours: Picking fields are open daily 9 to 5. The market is open daily 9 to 6.

Milburn Orchards

1495 Appleton Rd., Elkton; 401-398-1349

Picking updates: Blueberries will be around for another week, and blackberries are ripe for the picking
until mid-August. Around that time, raspberries will be making an appearance.

Just for fun: Make a quick detour to Milburn’s Farm Market for some famous apple cider doughnuts,
which are always in season.

Price: Call for prices.

Hours: Open Wednesday 8 to noon and weekends 8 to 4.

Rock Hill Orchard

28600 Ridge Rd., Mount Airy; call 301-831-7427 or e-mail

Picking updates: Raspberries and thornless blackberries grow alongside tidy heaps of strawberries,
leaving you with a cornucopia of berry choices well through August.

Just for fun: In addition to berries, you can cut your own herbs and pick your own kale. Head over
in August to snag some house-made cheese and milk from the newly opened creamery.

Price: Blackberries $2.59 per pound; raspberries $4.25 per pound; kale $1.50 per pound;
herbs 63 cents per ounce.

Hours: Open Tuesday through Saturday 10 to 6 and Sunday 10 to 5. Closed Monday.

Larriland Farm

2415 Woodbine Rd., Woodbine; 301-854-6110

Picking updates: Purple raspberries are in good supply, but the season only lasts two weeks, so plan
your trip soon. You should be able to snag some blueberries and flourishing red raspberries
while you’re there, too.

Just for fun: Larriland also offers a variety of non-berry options, including plums and apricots,
which should be available any day now.

Price: Call for prices.

Hours: Open Tuesday 9 to 8, Wednesday through Friday 9 to 6, and weekends 9 to 5.

Butler’s Orchard

22200 David Mill Rd., Germantown; 301-972-3299

Picking updates: Blackberries had an excellent crop this season, but high demand has supplies dwindling
quickly. Get in there soon to get the last of blueberries, as well.

Just for fun: No trip is complete without a stop at the bakery to pick up one of the fresh pies,
such as peach crumble, strawberry-mango, or the most appropriate one for this list,
very berry.

Price: Blackberries and blueberries $2.69 per pound.

Hours: Open Tuesday through Friday 8:30 to 1 and weekends 8:30 to 5:30.


Hartland Orchard

3064 Hartland La., Markham; 540-364-2316

Picking updates: Blueberries cover Hartland, but there’s a good chance they’ll be gone in the next
week or two. Head there soon if you’re hoping to munch on some fresh ones. Cherries
are all gone, but the white peach season just started.

Just for fun: Enjoy some house-made cider and honey while taking in the views from the farm.

Price: Blueberries $3 per pint.

Hours: Open daily 8 to 6 PM.

Hollin Farms

11324 Pearlstone La., Delaplane; call 540-592-3701 or e-mail

Picking updates: Blackberries have taken over the fields at Hollin Farms, and somebody needs to wage
an offensive against them. Said offensive will likely end in delicious fruit, freshly
baked pie, and berry-stained smiles.

Just for fun: If starches are more your thing, feel free to dig up some new potatoes. Shovels are

Price: Blackberries $4 per pint

Hours: Open Wednesday through Sunday 9 to 5.

Mount Olympus Farm

23298 Jefferson David Hwy., Ruther Glen; 804-448-0395

Picking updates: Some blueberries remain scattered about, but they’ll likely be picked soon. Blackberries
are starting to pop up.

Just for fun: On Monday, all after-market produce sells for 50 percent off.

Price: $4 per pound.

Hours: Open daily 9 to 6.

Great Country Farms

18780 Foggy Bottom Rd., Bluemont; 540-554-2073

Picking updates: Blueberry season is wrapping up now at Great Country, but blackberries are right
around the corner. Be sure to call ahead of time for an updated report on the crop.

Just for fun: The Bluemont BBQ Bash and Blackberry Bonanza happens
July 26 through 28. You can take a hayride, pick some blackberries, and even judge
the meat categories in competition.

Price: Blueberries $4 per pound.

Hours: Open daily 9 to 6.

Miller Farms Market

12101 Orange Plank Rd., Locust Grove; 540-972-2680

Picking updates: With berries coming in a little late this year, pick-your-own raspberries, blueberries,
and blackberries are not quite ready. Check in with Miller Farms in the coming weeks.

Just for fun: The nearby Roseda Beef offers up cuts of beef, burgers,
and hot dogs.

Price: Call for updated pricing in late July.

Hours: Open Monday through Saturday 9 to 5.

Westmoreland Berry Farm

1235 Berry Farm La., Oak Grove; 804-224-9171

Picking updates: Blackberries are the sport of the season at this Oak Grove farm, and blueberries
may or may not be making a comeback in upcoming weeks.

Just for fun: Unable to satisfy your blueberry craving? The farm’s store is stuffed with preserves
and spreads.

Price: Blackberries $2.79 per pound.

Hours: Due to a particularly busy pick-your-own season, call ahead for updated hours.