Beyond the Cronut, Sake in France, Cream Cheese Frosting Fountains: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

Apparently sake is huge in France now. Image via Shutterstock.

Ripped From the Headlines

The debate over the subliminal “mom” in the Wendy’s logo doesn’t interest me nearly as much as the accompanying slideshow of other companies’ logo fails. [HuffPo] —Chris Campbell

This week in cronut news: New York pastry chef Dominique Ansel—a.k.a. the inventor of the croissant/doughnut hybrid—has a pretty delicious-sounding new dessert mashup: a frozen s’more. Ansel covers vanilla ice cream in chocolate feuilletine, then marshmallow, and torches the thing to order. Also it’s served on a smoked branch. Get in line, folks. [Business Insider] —Ann Limpert

McDonald’s unveiled a budget for its minimum-wage earning employees. It’s rather depressing. [WaPo] —CC

It took the New York Times 1,232 words to explain how chopped salads are made. Quite the feat. [NYT] —Melissa Romero

Liquid Culture

Sake is huge in France. [Raw Story] —Jessica Voelker

What does a 20-year-old can of Coke taste like? “Wonderfully clear, citrusy, and fresh,” says one guy. Of course it does. [Grub Street] —AL

Being a native Kentuckian, I mourn the loss of Elmer T. Lee. You should, too, since he’s the reason we have excellent bourbon. [] —CC

Champagne and fried food forever. As part of its Greasy Spoon Week, Eater SF tasks a sommelier with suggesting wine pairings for diner standards. [Eater SF] —JV

Signs of the Apocalypse

My namesake food company gave me tomato soup and the delicious Chicken and Stars for when I was ill, but I’m pretty sure my innards would revolt at eating Cheeseburger SpaghettiO’s. [HuffPo] —CC

Forget rivers of flowing melted chocolate—cream cheese frosting fountains are the way to go, apparently. (True story: The Washingtonian office once feasted on a ranch dressing fountain with Buffalo wings. Not ashamed.) [BuzzFeed] —MR

Twinkies are back—with an increased shelf life of 45 days. (Because 26 just wasn’t long enough.) [The Atlantic] —MR

Try This at Home

Bored by the basic boil-then-put-in-bun method of cooking hot dogs? Bon Appétit has ten unique ways to prep your weiner. (Hint: electrocution is involved.) [Bon Appétit


Jim Crowfish!

Paula Deen continues to provide us with fun fodder—like that time she asked people to tweet back answers to the question “My favorite potluck dish is ____.” [Twitter] —CC