A Search Has Begun for Washington’s “Top Dog”

And before nominating yourself or your boss, this is for canines only.
A Search Has Begun for Washington’s “Top Dog”
Photograph via Shutterstock.

Is there a furry friend in your life whose good looks and smarts should be shared
with the nation? There’s a contest on Facebook that could net the lucky pup an iPad
Mini (because all dogs should have one, or win one for their owner) and $200 in “dog

The way it works is simple: Submit a high-resolution
photo to woof@louisat14.com with
the name of the person doing the submitting, the name of the
dog, its breed, and an
address and phone number (which could maybe end up on a mailing
list later, so keep
that in mind). The voting occurs on a Facebook page.

The nationwide contest is sponsored by Louis at 14th, located at 14th and U streets,
Northwest, which describes itself as a “new luxury apartment building [with] an ego
based on the one and only Louis XIV.” Not surprisingly, the building is pet-friendly.

Clearly Louis is hoping to stack the deck for a DC winner. If nothing else, the dog
days of summer are well served by scrolling through the adorable contestants.

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