The 2013 Guide to Fall Running Shoes (Photos)

’Tis the season for brightly colored, lightweight hybrid shoes.

Local running stores are excited about a number of new fall running shoes, from the Nike Free Flyknit to the Newton Energy.

Whether you’re training for another marathon or your first 5K this fall, it’s about time to consider a new running shoe. The general rule of thumb is to get a new pair after every 300 miles (that includes walking mileage), and if there are obvious signs of wear and tear.

This fall season, there are plenty of new running shoes to add to your wish list. Georgetown Running Company’s Dean Silkstone says this year has seen a huge increase in the so-called “hybrid” shoe. “These are essentially lightweight, mostly neutral running shoes intended for quick workouts and tempo runs—shoes built with speed in mind,” he says. In other words, these new shoes are ready to help you get that new PR—with the help of hard training, of course. We got a sneak peek at the running shoes local stores are most excited about this fall season, from the new Nike Free Flyknit to the Newton Energy.