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Cheap Eats 2013: Spice It Up

Stuck in a chicken tikka masala rut? Check out five other favorite curries.

Try the goat masala at Bollywood Bistro. Photograph by Scott Suchman

1. Paneer-anjeer kofta

Passage to India

A lush, mildly spiced sauce blankets delicious cone-shaped
cheese dumplings filled with figs. 4931 Cordell Ave., Bethesda;

2. Dhaniawala korma


Cilantro and coriander lovers should flock to this Kashmiri
dish of chicken smothered in thick, spring-green gravy. 645 Elden St.,
Herndon; 703-796-1527.

3. Lamb nilgiri


Vegetarian dishes are the focus of many southern Indian cafes.
Malgudi does those well but also turns out a vibrant, mint-flecked lamb
curry. 2400 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 202-333-3120.

4. Goat masala

Bollywood Bistro

Tender pieces of bone-in goat meet a complex and aromatic gravy
in this traditional Punjabi-style curry. 3955 Chain Bridge Rd., Fairfax;

5. Lamb korma


It’s one of the richer curries out there, but hunks of lamb
pair well with the mellow almond-and-cashew sauce. 405 Maple Ave. E.,
Vienna; 703-938-0100.