“Pot Pigs,” More Lab Meat, a Look Inside Prince’s Fridge: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of some of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

In Washington state you can now get cuts of pot-fed pork. Image via Shutterstock.

They Do Their Own Stunts

In Seattle’s Pike Place market, “pot pigs” for sale—pork chops made from marijuana-fed pigs. [Grist] —Todd Kliman

This jackass decided taking a bath in 300 cans of Pepsi would gain him internet fame. Damn, I guess it did. [YouTube] —Chris Campbell

If this look into Prince’s fridge isn’t real, it ought to be. It’s PRICELESS! Love the line drawings, and also the explanation for the line drawings—Prince would not permit pics. Love the fact that—pretty typical, actually—a vegetarian appears to be hugely obsessed with sweets. Love the homemade kimchee. Love the fascination with mustards. Love the yak milk. (Yak milk!) It would have been nice if there were starfish and coffee, though. [Heavy Table] —TK

The Bajaj Report

The New York Times profiles restaurateur Ashok Bajaj and his “cultivated air of mystery.” [NYT] —Jessica Voelker

Man of (cultivated air of) mystery, sure. But a clone? The Post confirms Bajaj is neither an “octuplet” nor the first restaurateur to teleport. Whew. [Washington Post] —Anna Spiegel

Technology . . . or the Twilight Zone?

Mmm, meat growing in labs. Welcome to the brave new world of synthetic meat. [Guardian] —TK

Tired of people Instagramming their food every day? Well, this app lets you eat their leftovers. Horrifying possibilities. [Food Beast] —CC

What to get the foodie who has everything? A fat magnet, natch. Nevin Martell shares seven kitchen gadgets that nobody needs. [The Nest] —JV

Questionable Choices

Get your chef together, people. Also, have nightmares that your children turn into animate Carla Hall and Rocco DiSpirito bobbleheads.[Grub Street] —JV

Sugar is really, really bad for you. Like, worse than what you’re thinking bad. [Salon] —TK

I don’t even know. This is a BuzzFeed article extolling Publix subs. [BuzzFeed] —JV

So You Want to Be a Restaurant Critic

The other Sietsema—former Village Voice and current Eater writer Robert Sietsema—weighs in on the state of modern restaurant criticism. [Eater NY] —AS

Public Good

Interesting piece about volunteers aiming to alleviate the burdens of Detroit’s dispossessed with a hot breakfast program. They’re being credited with creating a sense of community by making one simple change: switching from cafeteria-style service to gather-at-the-table meals. [Open Democracy] —TK

And Coming Soon . . .

Sneak preview? Not exactly. But given New York-based chef-restaurateur Michael White is bound for Washington with two upcoming restaurants at Yards Park—Osteria Morini and Nicoletta Pizzeria—Pete Wells’s review of White’s latest Manhattan venture is interesting. [New York Times] —AS