Health-Friendly Even Hotel to Open in Rockville

The hotel will be geared toward the fitness-focused traveler and offer gym space and in-room workout gear.

Even Hotel will open in Rockville in early 2014. The InterContinental Hotels Group hotel brand is dedicated to the health-conscious traveler and will feature in-room workout equipment and a three-zone gym. Illustration courtesy of Even Hotels.

Say goodbye to dreary hotel gyms and unhealthy room service, DC. Even Hotel, a holistic- and wellness-focused hotel by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), is coming to the area.

IHG recently announced it has chosen Rockville as one of its two locations for the much-anticipated health-conscious hotel brand. The Rockville location, scheduled to open early next year at 1775 Rockville Pike, will be a 91,222-square-foot space with 167 guest rooms and seven guest floors. The second Even Hotel will be located in Norwalk, Connecticut.

The first two locations were obvious choices for the new hotel brand, said IHG president Kirk Kinsell in a statement, noting Washington’s reputation as a “work hard, play hard” city.

Even Hotel is geared toward wellness-minded travelers, with an emphasis on nutrition, sleep, work, and exercise. The hotel will feature public workspaces, natural outdoor spaces, and healthy meals. Bonus: You won’t have any trouble finding the huge gym, with its three zones for cardio, weight-lifting, and stretching, plus small group fitness classes.

The guest rooms are designed with in-room workouts in mind: The coat rack doubles as a pullup bar, and a luggage rack turns into a workout bench. Yoga mats, free weights, and a circuit-training manual also come with the room.

The Rockville-based hotel likely won’t be the last for the area. Even Hotels say they hope to open future locations around DC, and expand to San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Seattle, and LA.