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UPDATE: The National Zoo Has Revealed the Sex and Paternity of the Baby Panda

Did you guess correctly?

Photograph via the National Zoo.

UPDATE: The National Zoo on Thursday morning revealed that the sex of the baby giant panda born on August 23 is female. And the identity of the father? The zoo’s own Tian Tian. Congrats, readers—you guessed correctly in our overnight poll.


The National Zoo has announced that on Thursday it will reveal the sex and paternity of the giant panda cub born to Mei Xiang on August 23. There are two options for both variables, because she was artificially inseminated with sperm from two male pandas.

The zoo also gave an update on today’s goings on in the panda den: “This morning, Mei Xiang was very alert when the panda keepers walked into her den, and looked eager for her morning drink. She drank 64 ounces of water right away. She did turn down all offers of food (a frozen bamboo shoot and sugar cane).”

We’ll know the answers to the big questions soon after the rush hour, but for now here’s your chance to weigh in: