5 Unusual (and Awesome) Fitness Classes to Try at YMCA Anthony Bowen

The new workout facility boasts 173 group exercise classes a week. Here are the ones we can’t wait to try.

The new YMCA Anthony Bowen will soon offer aerial yoga classes. Photograph via Shutterstock.

The YMCA Anthony Bowen officially opens to the public today, and to celebrate we’re rounding up a few of what we think will be the most awesome and unusual fitness classes on the center’s schedule. Haven’t made it out to the new digs yet? Take the Well+Being tour of the facility

Aerial Yoga
This type of yoga, which involves hanging from suspended silk hammocks, has been around for a while, but its offerings are few and far between in Washington. It’s not yet on the YMCA’s schedule, but in a few months this class will involve moving through traditional and nontraditional hatha yoga poses while suspended a few feet off the ground.

Les Mills Grit: Plyo
Just one of the five Les Mills workouts offered at the YMCA, Grit: Plyo is a calorie-busting, fat-burning workout in just 30 minutes. Expect lots of jumping and agility training, and a new training routine every three months.

Channel your inner Muhammad Ali in this class that will not only get you in tip-top shape, but also hone your sparring skills. The hands-on class places you in specific sparring situations and relies on foundations of Thai boxing, wrestling, and boxing.

In this class you’ll train with the ViPR, a weighted tube, and perform full-body movements that we do on a daily basis. The idea is that the workout improves functionality in daily life.

This hour-long power flow class is for both the yoga and martial arts fan. You’ll build core strength, flexibility, and balance while also learning practical self defense and elevate your mental strength. 

Editors note: This article has been updated from a previous version.