Drunk Pigs Fighting Cows, “Snackadiums,” and Anthony Weiner Hiding in McDonald’s: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

This pig could have the hungover shames. Image via Shutterstock.

Regretful Behavior

Anthony Weiner may have lost his New York mayoral campaign, but he’s certainly giving the Hamburglar a run for his money. Watch as Sydney Leathers chases former sexting partner “Carlos Danger” through a McDonald’s. It sounds too good to be true, but Vine proves otherwise. [Business Insider] —Anna Spiegel

This Down Under swine drank 18 beers then took a nap under a tree, a practice known in Australia as “being Australian.” [Grist] —Jessica Voelker

Global Goodies

The Italians have set the ground rules for how their food is to be prepared. Certainly Americans will ignore it posthaste. [Independent] —Chris Campbell

Trend alert: The British are now putting everything from doner kebabs to Thai curry on pizza. [Guardian] —Sophie Gilbert

And when they’re not doing that, they’re putting vegetables in dessert. Carrot jam? I blame Iron Chef. [Guardian] —SG

This week’s sign of the apocalypse: Olive Garden is doing tapas. [Businessweek] —CC

Despite what dinner at Minibar would suggest, Americans do not spend the most money on food worldwide. In fact, we’re not even in the top ten. [Time] —Tanya Pai

Try This Now

Just when we were feeling all genius for mastering pickled green beans, this guy made a line of beautiful tableware using only items in his apartment. [Wired] —JV

As if we didn’t need an incentive already, the New York Times advises us to eat more lobster (with a delicious-sounding recipe). [NYT] —AS

Chopsticks that are also straws? Be still my pho-loving heart. [Gizmodo] —TP

Team Cheese Cube

I have never mastered the rules of football, but “snackadiums” I understand. [Bon Appétit] —JV

Obviously . . .

After getting something like a zillion reservations within five minutes of opening the phone lines, David Beckham is now reportedly out of Union Street Cafe, his restaurant venture with Gordon Ramsay. Which is astonishing, because everyone always says Ramsay’s so lovely and easy to work with. [Eater] —SG

Today in gross news that validates everything my dad used to yell about, the use-by dates on your groceries are apparently not gospel. So feel free to scrape the mold off that 18-month-old block of Parmesan languishing in the back of the fridge. [ABC News] —SG

“If wearing a four-finger ring, carefully place it on a side table before starting to cook.” And more of the best lines from 2 Chainz’s new cookbook, which is a thing. [Grub Street] —TP

Bored to Taste

Remember that time your friend invited you to an artisanal olive oil tasting? I do, and this episode of Conan sampling waters with a “water sommelier” sounds just as fun. [Eater] —AS