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The Week in Comments: The Good and Bad of HomeGoods, Reston Reactions

What readers had to say about recent stories.

This week, readers had plenty to say about the T.J.Maxx/HomeGoods store that just opened in Georgetown, and about the news that Reston recently became the first place in the Washington area to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces. Read on for some of our favorite comments from Twitter, Facebook, and Disqus. 

On the opening of the T.J.Maxx/HomeGoods store

From Twitter:

From Facebook:

Catherine Donovan: That’s beyond depressing. No point in shopping in Georgetown anymore. Nothing unique there. 

Peoples Hernandez: I agree. Next thing you’ll see is the return of strip joints on M Street.


On Reston’s e-cigarette ban

From Facebook:

Loren Willcock: Sorry, no stupid people allowed in public…we prefer to watch them on c-span and fox news.

Drew Xeron: Reston = the town in Footloose 

From Disqus:

mnberty1 −

In the news today, General Motors develops a new engine that emits a vapor exhaust which eliminates ALL carbon monoxide and 99% of the carcinogens in former models……In other news, Reston Association board of directors voted unanimously to ban them from public spaces because it looked strange to its residents. 

tch −

Wait, Reston Council didn’t understand something, so they banned it? Did that actually just happen?

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