Half-Batman Wedding Cakes, Jason Segel’s Syrup Comedy, and Trademarking “Pho”: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week

Jason Segel will star in a comedy about a maple syrup heist. Image of syrup via Shutterstock; Segel by s_bukley/Shutterstock.

Food for Thought 

Next time you peel open that banana, remember the crocodile. Remember him. [The Salt] —Chris Campbell 

Apparently drinking soda is about as good for your teeth as mainlining crack, as evidenced by a phenomenon nicknamed “Mountain Dew mouth.” [The Salt] —Tanya Pai

Everyone hates on Yelpers, but what about the companies that manipulate the online review system? New York State is turning some blame on the businesses with heavy fines. [Eater National] —Anna Spiegel

Time for your weekly reminder that taking four minutes to make your child a PB&J is better than sending him or her to the school cafeteria lunch line. [HuffPo] —CC

I Would Do Anything For Love (Including That)

For the couple that really knows how to compromise: the half-traditional, half-Batman(!) wedding cake. [Laughing Squid] —TP

First there was the Julie & Julia blog, where Julia Powell cooked her way through 365 days of Julia Child recipes. Then there was the magnificent Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project, where Lawrence watches the Julie & Julia movie for 365 days straight. Now there’s a woman making her boyfriend sandwiches for 300 days so he’ll propose, blogging all the while. Which is the worst? [BuzzFeed] —Anna Spiegel

Weird and Wonderful

A comedy about Canadian maple syrup heists starring Jason Segel? I’m all in. [Grub Street] —Jessica Voelker

Order enough sushi at Spices in Cleveland Park and it’s served on a wooden boat. I thought you got to keep it if you finished. You don’t. I wept a little. But in other news . . . sushi tank! [Food Beast] —CC

Pho-Get About It

Someone in the UK trademarked the word “pho,” meaning no fun puns for all the other Vietnamese noodle soup restaurants. [Eater] —JV

Let Them Eat Bread (or Bagels)

The average French person eats just a half a baguette per day. French bakers are pissed. [The Salt] —CC

Phew. I was wondering how my mom was going to make stuffing this Thanksgiving. Wonder Bread is back. [Eatocracy] —JV

New York is the best place for making bagel and lox an event, but Melissa Clark’s advice on turning the breakfast staple into an impressive brunch or dinner spread is helpful, regardless of where you live. (Full disclosure: smoked salmon and bagels is one of my favorite easy dinners, so I’m partial.) [New York Times] —AS